“Personal guidance in the college search and application process”

In today’s intense atmosphere of college admissions, every student needs an edge. But don’t just ask yourself: “Where can I get in?” I help students answer the more important question: “Which college is best suited to my individual needs?” We work together to find the perfect student/college match.


— Baillie Gerstein

Independent College Advisor


My main goal is to prepare young men and women to attend a college most suited to their abilities and interests--to create a unique student/college match. I want to help them choose an institution that will nurture them both intellectually and personally; a college that will feel like an extension of the academic experiences they have had thus far.


I work to minimize the external or self-imposed performance pressure simply to "look good" on college applications, which I believe inhibits individual growth and disturbs the overall balance of any young adult. I will create a positive atmosphere to enable this process; it requires teamwork, constructive criticism and revision.


I hope to foster a dialogue directed toward self-examination, avoiding the question “Where can I get in” in favor of the more essential one: “What is most important to me as I launch into the next four years of study?”


When should you seek out my services? A popular misconception is that you don’t have to start thinking about colleges until the junior year of high school. But as early as freshman year, I can help the student create a four-year high school plan, which includes, but is not limited to:

  • Mapping out an appropriate academic strategy geared to your future goals
  • Consideration of careers
  • Suggestions for extracurricular activities


Then in your junior and senior years, the focus intensifies, as we consider:

  • SAT/ACT examination dates and preparation courses
  • When to visit a college and what to look for while you’re there
  • College application due dates (including financial aid deadlines)


So while the bulk of college prep happens in the final two years, I help lay important groundwork even earlier, which will facilitate a smooth and effective transition to higher education.

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“Personal guidance in the college

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